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This surgery consists of improving the shape and volume of the breast, through the placement of a breast implant.

Although there are several types of breast implants, it should be noted that ideally they should contain silicone gel instead of saline solution. Silicone gel provides stability in shape and volume while guaranteeing security over time.

The most commonly used silicone gel implants in the past were the so-called “textured” implants. Nowadays, by recommendation of the Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.), the so-called “smooth” or “nanotextured” implants are suggested.

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At present, there is no brand of breast implants in the world that lasts a lifetime. The average useful life of breast implants is currently between 20 and 25 years, although the FDA recommends replacing them every 10 years, to prevent the possibility of the appearance of diseases described today as potential, although of very low statistical frequency (rare), such as the so-called “Giant Cell Lymphoma”, or the so-called “Asiatic Syndrome”.

Likewise, we can affirm that the most used approach to position these breast prostheses is the areola; far above the approach that is performed by making an incision in the lower edge of the breast (submammary sulcus). When the prostheses are placed through the axilla, they are usually inflatable saline implants.

The volume of the breast implant will depend primarily on what the patient desires as a bra cup size. It will also depend on variables such as the patient’s height, the width of the back, the base of the breast, the height of the nipple and the preoperative breast volume.

This surgery is strictly outpatient, under general anesthesia (the breast is an organ rich in nerve endings, which simply does not allow local anesthesia).

Pain is usually described as moderate to low; postoperatively it is easily managed with standard analgesics.

Postoperative physiotherapy (external ultrasound, lymphatic drainage massage) is often used to aid recovery. It is recommended during the first 3 weeks after surgery and is performed by specialized personnel.

The time off work is not usually more than 3 days.
However, keep in mind that, as in any other surgical procedure, we start talking about the final results between the 4th and 6th week after surgery.


Alberto Arevalo Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Alberto Arévalo

Dr. Alberto Arevalo has more than 20 years of experience in private practice in the city of Bogota, specializing in Facial and Body Aesthetic Surgery.



In addition, he is accredited and certified by the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery, as well as by the most prominent international scientific societies in the field of Aesthetic Surgery, such as the American Society for Aesthetic Surgery (ASAPS, you can check his profile at, the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) and the American Society for Plastic Surgery (ASPS). These certifications accredit him as a qualified Plastic Surgeon at the level of any other specialist of this nature in the world.

His human quality, dedication to work and care for his patients distinguish him over time as an outstanding surgeon. He has left traces that have improved the quality of life of many faces and bodies of his patients in his daily practice, which includes procedures such as rhinoplasty surgery, facial rejuvenation, body and breast shaping, among others.

Expert in aesthetic plastic surgery and non-invasive procedures.

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